At the beginning QUASAR was exclusive in producing their models in 3 finishes of material. Aluminium rough, aluminium polished or bronze. This made the collection timeless and the choice of material determines the use of the item, either in a classical ambiance or modern. As the collection has grown enormously through the years, QUASAR now belongs to the creative AVANTGARDE in decorative lighting.

In 1998 QUASAR got a new collection by designer Jan Pauwels. These remarkable exclusive designs directly completed QUASARs collection. In 1999 QUASAR presented its new total collection at the International Furniture Fair in Cologne (Germany). This was the moment of a very promissing international start.

Investments in a larger productioncompany, in the excellent quality of the products and inventive packaging were the most important activities that year. Activities that made QUASAR succesfull from there.Since 1999 QUASAR has become a wellknown lighting manufacturer that still tries to launch exclusive, creative and inventive designs.

At this moment in 2009, QUASAR is well aware of the environmental issue and therefore uses the newest technologies to stay ahead. Technologies that give QUASAR the oppertunity to create designs that not only are energy efficient, but also incredably exclusive in design and construction.