FAVOLA  Murano Lighting Project, a group working in the field of lighting for special supplies. With its limited-edition products, or in coordination with the most important international architectural firms, Favola is able to deliver contact solutions to hotels , banks, restaurants and public venues worldwide. 

One of the most recent contracts is the chandelier made for the Tokyo Bay-court Hotel. To obtain this very complex project, flexibility, reliability, speed and reoutation were the winning factors,characterizing Favola’s business. In the lighting sector Favola boasts a consolidated tradition that allows it to offer a wide range of products : the tie to hirtory and the past is very tight and is witnessed when new products are manufactured, a phase in which experimentation is combined and enhanced by the attention paid to the past and the memory. Favola places at the heart of the lighting concept Murano art because glass is such a beautiful and clean material that its long-standing success will hardly be challenged by other materials. 

Its purity, thinness and brightness made it an object of desire and attraction since the Roman times and then played an essential role in making 18th-century Venice one of the most prototyping study – great experience in co-designing with the customer-direct control of the entire production cycle-excellent quality exclusive products – strong presence in North America and Japan.