Arturo Alvarez is a designer, craftsman and artist. He likes to define himself as a creator, a concept that he synthesizes all of the above and with which he feels more comfortable and recognized.

Self-taught, rebellious, always curious, I don’t like to set limits. There are three defining moments in his career. During the early years he explored and worked with figurative concepts, based on nature. In a second period, he moves towards abstraction, exploring simple geometric shapes. It is not a question of abandoning references to nature, appearances or the human body, a theme that he repeats and not that has been investigated for two years. Today Arturo Álvarez develops new forms of expression and language, with light as the central theme of the human being and his relationships as protagonists, with his light and shadow, encounters and disagreements, issues that concern us and the depth of different techniques and materials.

Recognition of his work, a two-year and twenty-five-year career, came in the form of prestigious international awards and numerous awards as an innovator in the field of light.

In July 2020, the creator Arturo Álvarez put an end to a stage in his working and creative life by selling the lamp company that he founded 25 years ago. His work currently focuses on making sculptures, unique or limited pieces, with light as the common thread. He will continue to defend the same values that gave him international recognition: honesty, professionalism and a humanistic vision of life.

Arturo Álvarez is a renowned Spanish artist, whose work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, from Barcelona and Madrid, to London and New York; he has been part of museums, galleries and art exhibitions, as important as DDC Gallery , Arco, Mint, Art Madrid, among others.



- German Design Award 2019 Winner
- 50 best German Interior Designers 2018
- Green Good Design Award 2015 Winner
Best stand design of Euroshop 2020 (Honorable Mention)
German Design Award 2016 Nominee
Newcomer 2014 Nominee by German Design Council
Green Product Award 2013/14 for Kimidori 45
Interior Innovation Award 2013 - Nominated for [D3] Contest
Light+Building Young Design 2012
Ambiente Talents 2010
Blickfang NEXT 2010
Macef Design Award 2010 - Edda (shortlisted)
Incheon International Design Awards 2009 - Sparks (shortlisted)

Soidades das falas. Galería Luisa Pita. Santiago de Compostela. 2017

Artwork series. Galería ICFF. ICFF. New York. 2017

12 miradas de Arturo Álvarez. Galería Vilaseco. A Coruña. Spain. 2016

Arts & Crafts, Design and sustainability in Galicia s.XXI. EspacioTorrente Ballester. Ferrol. 2016

Instalación en Arco con Dardo Magazine. Madrid 2015

Contradicións. Galería Adhoc. Vigo. 2015

Exposición Et facta est lux – Gas Natural Fenosa Museum, 2014 (A Coruña, España)

Et facta est lux. Museo Gas Natural Fenosa. A Coruña. 2014

Instalación permanente en la cafetería Ferradura. Santiago de Compostela. 2013

Instalación efímera en “Hostal dos Reis Católicos”. Santiago de Compostela. 2013

Eros. Estación de autobús. Santiago de Compostela. 2013

The volume of light Factoría Compostela. Santiago de Compostela. 2011

Concepts and designs for a new century. Museo de las artes decorativas de Barcelona. 2007